Anderlecht sinking further after new defeat

SUNDAY, 16 DECEMBER 2007, 15:10 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht lost its last chance on winning the title. Brugge defeated the Mauves with 1-0, leaving the Brussels' team 13 points behind. It was Sterchele who scored, while both Serhat and Hassan failed to finish two good chances.

Anderlecht was slightly the better team in the first half. The Brugian defense left a weak impression, but Legear nor Thereau could benefit from the space they had. Wasilewski had the best chance for RSCA, Djokic for Brugge.

Brugge took command of the game in the second half, but there weren't many chances. Eventually Sterchele scored the opening goal for the home side, deep into the second half.

Anderlecht reacted and had two excellent chances. One for Hassan and one for Akin. Both players missed and the game ended in a new defeat. Out of the last 10 games, Anderlecht only won two...

Score: 1-0
Goal(s): 69' Sterchele 1-0

Club Brugge:Stijnen, Priske, Clement, Klukowski, Blondel, Leko, Geraerts, Van Heerden, Chavez (46' Valgaeren), Djokic (87' Ibrahim Salou), Sterchele (89' Vermant)
Anderlecht:Zitka, Wasilewski, Van Damme, Juhasz, Deschacht, Polak (75' Vadis Odjidja Ofoe), Biglia, Hassan, Goor, Legear (84' Serhat Akin), Théréau (65' Mbo Mpenza)

Yellow: 19' Marcin Wasilewski, 20' Ivan Leko, 25' Jelle Van Damme, 74' Ahmed Hassan, 82' Brian Priske
Red: /

Referee: Gumienny
Stadium: Jan Breydel

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