Anderlecht 1-0 Genk

SUNDAY, 2 MARCH 2008, 22:45 - driess
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Anderlecht had to win the game against Racing Genk to maintain a chance on the third place. After 4 minutes Vlcek scored his first goal for Anderlecht in the league, enough for the win.

Anderlecht started furious, and after 4 minutes Vlcek scored on assist from Van Damme.
But after the early goal, the match fell apart. Neither of the two teams seemed eager to bring good footbal, Anderlecht didn't need to, Genk could not bring enough.

Anderlecht's Van Damme hit the post a minute of half time. In the second half, Genk got some little chances, mostly because Anderlecht was to weak to make the game.

But Gillet was close to the 2-0, hiting the post again, and Vlcek seeing his effort stopped by keeper Bailly, who played a good game.

In the end, Caillet almost made the match end in a draw, but his teammate Matoukou blocked the Genk-defender's shot, after Zitka had dropped the bal.

Thanks to this victory, Anderlecht is again fifth in place in the championship, trailling just 2 points from Germinal Beerschot and Cercle Brugge.

Score: 1-0
Goal(s): 04' Stanislav Vlcek

Anderlecht: Daniel Zitka, Guillaume Gillet, Roland Juhasz, Nicolas Pareja, Jelle Van Damme, Lucas Biglia, Thomas Chatelle (84' Ahmed Hassan), Bart Goor, Jan Polak, Luigi Pieroni (60' Serhat Akin), Stanislav Vlcek (90' Oleksandr 'Sacha' Iakovenko)
Genk: Logan Bailly, Jean-Philippe Caillet, Hans Cornelis, Igor Lolo Nemanja Tubic (46' Barak Itzhaki), Wim De Decker, Faris Haroun, David Hubert (46' Eric Matoukou), Balazs Toth (70' Ivan Bosnjak), Elianiv Barda, Christian Benteke

Yellow cards: 24' Jean-Philippe Caillet, 42' Balazs Toth, 66' Lucas Biglia, 74' Roland Juhasz
Red: /

Referee: Braamhaar (ned)
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock-stadium

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