Boussoufa: "I like to see Brugge play"

TUESDAY, 2 FEBRUARY 2010, 14:44 - Alientje
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The will to beat Club Brugge tomorrow is big, very big. “This is a top game, and everyone wants to win those games.,’says Boussoufa, who warns everyone about Brugge’s attacking skills.

"Club Brugge is a good team. I like to see them play, because they really want to play football A player like Kouemaha can make the difference. I also hope Dirar won’t play on his highest level.”

Of course Anderlecht is the favourite to win the game. After the defeat against Brugge, they managed to score 34 on 36. They scored 30 times in twelve games and only got 5 goals against. “And also the way we win, good,” says Boussoufa. “Look at our game against GBA.”

The past few seasons Anderlecht always started the second half of the season with some points behind, but this time it’s different. “I honestly don’t know what happened. Because we lost against BATE, we started this season better. We’re also mentally stronger. We’ve got a good atmosphere in our team. We fight for each other and there is a lot of faith between us.”

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