Juhasz: water too deep between RSCA and Rangers

MONDAY, 8 AUGUST 2011, 21:59 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht and Glasgow Rangers did not reach an agreement about a transfer of Roland Juhasz. The biggest issue for the Scottish club is the transfer fee of four million euro.

The Rangers hoped to close the deal today, so they could add the Hungarian international to their list of players for the Europa League.

This doesn't mean that the transfer is not going to happen though. The Mauves already shortlisted former player Timothy Derijck as a possible replacement. Derijck had to leave Anderlecht as he was deemed not good enough. But at ADO The Hague, he showed his talent and proved to be a solid defender. His club is not willing to let the Belgian leave though. But Anderlecht could involve striker Bulykin to sweeten the deal for the Dutch side.

Juhasz' manager is less optimistic: "I'm afraid the deal is off. The water between Anderlecht and the Rangers is too deep. The Rangers offered the needed amount of money, but Anderlecht changed their minds."

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