Gillet worried: "Serious attitude problem"

WEDNESDAY, 20 JANUARY 2016, 08:27 - Bacardiboy
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INTERVIEWS - OPINIONS Despite the fact that Guillaume Gillet left Anderlecht for Nantes he still has a clear opinion about the Mauves. In Sport/Voetbalmagazine he is hard for the team: "It is way too easy for the youngsters. They are too sure about their position in the team."

"There is a serious attitude problem and the team does not perform consistently. Times that you could win a match just with talent are finished. Anderlecht never win with big scores. Against big teams they show dedication and motivation, against the smaller teams they don't seem to care", Gillet reacts.

Besnik Hasi asked for reinforcement to have more competition within the team. "I understand him", Gillet claims. "It is too easy for the youngsters. They know they will be playing anyway. This generation does not have the same attitude and mentality as ten years ago."

"Anderlecht has the most talented played of Belgium, but their attitude is really an issue. Hasi works very hard but he doesn't seem to get through to them. What more can he do? There are no more players like Mbokani, Jovanovic or Biglia who can make the difference on their own. It's the team that should make the difference."

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