Vandenbempt: "Vanden Borre should better leave"

WEDNESDAY, 27 JANUARY 2016, 12:18 - Bacardiboy
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INTERVIEWS - OPINIONS Anthony Vanden Borre's return is the talk of the town at Anderlecht these days. Journalist Peter Vandenbempt has a clear opinion. "The best solution for him and the team is that he just leaves."

"It is incredible they are still considering a return of Vanden Borre after everything that happened in the past", Vandenbempt says. "Two years ago, they gave Vanden Borre a chance out of pity. I suppose now they just want a return because it is the best option from an economical point of view."

"Vanden Borre earns a lot and doesn't need to do anything for it. It is normal the board are asking questions about that. Herman Van Holsbeeck is obliged to find a solution. They should have sold him after the World Championship, the only problem was that he caught an injury in Brazil", claims Vandenbempt.

"Nobody seems to be interested in him. You might take him back then, pray for the best and hope you can sell him in the summer. It may also be a way to satisfy the fans, who are having difficulties with Hasi and Van Holsbeeck."

"Return is a bad idea"

"I don't think a return is a good idea", states Vandenbempt. "He did and said so many things in the past that just cannot be tolerated. On top of that, you know that sooner or later he will do the same."

"Hasi has no more credibility if Vanden Borre returns. And if he stays stubborn, then the fans will criticize him even more. This is not a good move from Van Holsbeeck, this is a difficult situation for the coach."

Vandenbempt also doubts the sincerity of Vanden Borre. "He says he loves Anderlecht, but he does not seem to realize what he did wrong. If you see "offering your apologies" as part of the negotiations, that is really a bad sign. Let's hope Vanden Borre just leaves before the end of the transfer window. This nightmare has to stop for Anderlecht."

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