D'Onofrio to join Anderlecht's direction board?

SUNDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2011, 22:07 - Skyhawk
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Luciano D'Onofrio might join the Anderlecht direction board. The former chairman of Standard de Liège had positive talks with Roger Vanden Stock and also helped Anderlecht in the transfers of Jovanovic and Mbokani.

Luciano D'Onofrio is a well known man in the football world. He transfered Zinedine Zidane to Juventus for example and has a lot of connections in Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal.

This summer, he helped Roger Vanden Stock with the transfers of Jovanovic and Mbokani. A remarkable thing to do, since the relation between the two was icy since the horrible tackle of Standard player Witsel on Wasilewski, who broke his leg. Later, there was also a dispute about sponsoring.

But the two always had respect for each other and lately the relation between both has become a lot better. Vanden Stock wants to win the Europa League and shares that dream with Luciano D'Onofrio. That last one realised that Anderlecht really has a chance to win that European Cup, but only wants to help in case he gets a permanent say in the club. He's even prepared to buy enough shares to work himself into the club. But there's some resistance within the current Anderlecht board. And also Club Brugge is hoping on the service of D'Onofrio.
To be continued...

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