Stadium too small, but no immediate solution

WEDNESDAY, 9 MAY 2012, 17:28 - Skyhawk
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Manager Van Holsbeeck talked to the press about Anderlecht's stadium problems. After the season, mandatory chances will be made to the seats. The result is a decreased capacity with 1.000 places.

The changes are needed to be compliant with the new UEFA regulations.

Capacity is becoming a large problem. Anderlecht's current stadium is sold out for every single game. Increasing the capacity to 40.000 is theoretically possible, but the local politicians are against it. Instead, the club wants to increase the capacity to 30.000 seats, including several luxurious places that could earn the club quite some money. But the advance in that case is, like many things in Belgium, painstakingly slow.

The manager still has two options: building in Schaarbeek or taking over the Heysel stadium. Construction in Schaarbeek will not be possible before 2027 though due to a whole range of problems. The Heysel Stadium is a good option. It has plenty of parking, a good connection with public transportation and is not surrounded by houses. Though the stadium is old, despite the renovations in the year 2000, and will have to be raised to the ground completely.

Therefore the manager launches a call for help: "if a mayor somewhere in or around Brussels reads this message and sees possibilities to help out the club, please contact me and I'll start the preparations for a move immediately!"

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