Biglia and Kouyate will probably stay

SUNDAY, 19 AUGUST 2012, 15:48 - Skyhawk
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Kouyate indicated he will stay in Anderlecht this season: "I've gotten a lot of questions about my future lately. So I've decided to stay. The club did a lot for me and I am doing something back now.'"

"There are also certain players who convinced me to stay for one more year", the Senegalese concluded.

And also Lucas Biglia will most likely stay: "I can leave for 8 million euros but in the current market that is a lot of money. But I agreed with this transfer fee myself so I can't complain. There were clubs ready to pay the amount, but they were not better than Anderlecht. So for now, I will focus on my club. I think we can really do something in the Champions League too this year. So there are many challenges left here."

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