Extremely weak Anderlecht offered Bruges the title

SUNDAY, 15 MAY 2016, 23:13 - Skyhawk
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GAMES An extremely weak Anderlecht got defeated with 4-0 in Bruges. The Brugians celebrate their first title in eleven years time. Anderlecht need one more point for secure the second place. 

We can be short about the match: Anderlecht didn't really create any serious chances and Bruges overpowered the Mauves from the starting minute. It was small miracle that it took until the 24th minute before the score was opened: Diaby headed the ball past Proto. Anderlecht did not react, on the contrary, five minutes later that same Diaby was offered his second goal by a bad defending Heylen.

The second half brought more of the same. Vanaken and Simons finished the job: 4-0. After 77 minutes, Anderlecht had created one chance, Bruges fourteen. That says enough...

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