Poor infrastructure is a problem in Belgium

THURSDAY, 18 OCTOBER 2012, 14:27 - Motivee
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Herman Van Holsbeeck talks about the need for new stadiums in Belgium. Anderlecht is ready for the expansion of their tempel, but lacks support from local autorities.

"We're ready for construction to start, but we need licences and political support. I'm hoping things will get moving soon. But I do believe that, in tme, Belgium needs a stadium for 40 or 50 thousand people, where the national team and Anderlecht can play together."

Another item are the high ticket prices. "I understand the fans are frustrated about high ticket prices for the Champions League. But we had to modernize our stadium in order to live up to European standards. I do agree the prices are a little too high. If we play CL next year, I'll ask the Mr Vanden Stock to lower the prices again."

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