Reactions after the defeat in Zenit

FRIDAY, 26 OCTOBER 2012, 14:47 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht lost three points in Zenit on Wednesday but maybe deserved to win. We collected a few reactions after this Champions League match, from both sides.

Chairman Vanden Stock: "Without this referee, we would have won. He gives a penalty after a free kick that was taken way too fast. On the other side, Jovanovic and Iakovenko were both brought down in the box. We got nothing. It is unfair..."

Coach Vanden Brom: "It is difficult to accept, but it gives us courage for the second leg in Brussels. If our fans can support us against Zenit and against Milan, we might even win twice and still take the second place in the group."

And also the Russian press was hard for Zenit: "Their level of play is depressing. Anderlecht deserved to win. Many stars landed in St. Petersburg but that doesn't show on the field."

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