Anderlecht suffer logical defeat in Bruges

SUNDAY, 23 OCTOBER 2016, 16:33 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht suffered a logical defeat in Bruges. Coach Weiler clearly wasn't awake in Mainz and wanted to repeat the same failed experiment with three defenders and Deschacht on the right back position. The result was the same: a terrible performance and a logical defeat.

The first half was easy to describe: Bruges had total control over the match with Anderlecht only having one chance, namely a header of Nuytinck on a corner kick. After 9 minutes of play, the home side had already scored: Vanaken was left alone in the box and headed the 1-0 on the scoreboard after a simple action over Anderlecht's right side. This was the same scenario as in Mainz. Bruges kept attacking, looking to double the lead, without success. There were chances enough though: Van Rhijn, Vormer and Vossen all three had excellent opportunities to score. 

Everyone expected coach Weiler to change his failing line-up during half time, but that didn't happen. One minute later, Bruges was already able to double the lead. Vormer was left alone in the centre of the box again and scored easily: 2-0. The fact that the Anderlecht players didn't know where to run, was made painfully clear when Hanni tackled his own team mate Acheampong in Bruges' box. The home side kept dominating the match and could have gotten a penalty when Tielemans made a foul in the box. The Mauves only started to play football when Weiler finally changed his failing system with three replacements. The red card for Wesley also helped. With eleven against ten, Teodorczyk managed to score a few minutes before the end: 2-1. It was too little, too late.

Even more remarkable than the defeat is Weiler's experimenting with the line-up. Three months after the start of the competition, there is no clear system. The fact that a failed line-up was repeated once again, is painful. The next game is on Wednesday, hopefully with a 'normal' line-up...

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