Easy win for Anderlecht in Westerlo

WEDNESDAY, 25 JANUARY 2017, 23:06 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht booked an easy win this evening against Westerlo. The Mauves scored 4 goals, but some defensive mistakes also led to 2 goals against. The Mauves remain second in the ranking, two points behind Bruges.

Teodorczyk rapidly opened the score in Westerlo (0-1), but a few minutes later bad defending led to the equaliser of Strandberg (1-1). Anderlecht immediately took control again and Stanciu scored with a beautiful header: 1-2 after 15 minutes of play. Chipciu, Stanciu and Teodorczyk had chances to score a third goal for Anderlecht, but missed. Westerlo performed weak, but still had one good chance through Strandberg. Just before half time, Dendoncker decided the match with a shot in the left corner. A few minutes earlier, Nuytinck got injured after a contact with Strandberg. The Dutchman was groggy and had to be replaced.

At the beginning of the second half, Tielemans rapidly scored the 1-4 with a nice shot. One minute later, Stanciu was close to Anderlecht's fifth goal but missed. But then Anderlecht gave away control over the match. After 55 minutes Strandberg scored, but was caught offside. Five minutes later Ganvoula made the 2-4 after a mistake of Spajic. Strandberg had a few excellent chances of scoring more goals for the home side. Kiese-Thelin was close to a goal for Anderlecht. Eventually the scoreline remained unchanged.

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