Analysis after eight matchdays

TUESDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2013, 11:08 - D.A.B.
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The new Anderlecht team is experiencing ups and downs. The team consists out of young talented players after Mbokani, Jovanovic, Biglia, De Sutter and Safari left. After eight matchdays, the balance is not all positive.

To start with the good news: Anderlecht scored 26 goals in 8 games. This is the highest amount of scored goals in Belgium.

But on the down side: Anderlecht conceded 14 goals. Good for an average of 1,75 goals per match. And that number is too high. Only Mons and Oostende do worse.

The problem seems to be the cohesion in the team. Against Benfica and Bruges, the team didn't play as one block. The distance between the lines became too large which resulted in losing the ball often, not creating any chances and allowing the opponent to dominate and score. After two defeats, the morale is certainly not high anymore. It is to be seen how these young players will cope with it. Two matches remain for the next big test, against Olympiakos. And the Belgian league is far from lost. Thanks to the play-off system, the points are divided by two in the final race to the title.

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