18 year old H'maidat on trial

FRIDAY, 17 JANUARY 2014, 00:54 - Jonas
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There's a new face in the U21 team. Ismail H'mdaiat is on trail with Anderlecht. The 18 year old with Dutch-Moroccan roots has a contract with Crystal Palace but is unable to make an impact and is looking to convince Anderlecht.

He is known for making it into the last 16, in a Nike organised competition in which over 100000 young footballers took part. Which gave him the opportunity to go on world tour and play against star youth teams from Manchester United and Juventus.

H'maidat played for the youth teams of FC Twente, Turnhout, Westerlo, Racing Genk, and Oud Heverlee Leuven. Last month he was on trial with Eendracht Aalst (2nd division in Belgium) and even played in a friendly, but was unable to convince the board and staff.

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