FT: RSC Anderlecht - Ghent 0-0

SUNDAY, 9 APRIL 2017, 17:57 - WauteRSCA
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GAMES RSC Anderlecht and AA Ghent ended the second matchday in the play-offs with a scoreless draw. This means that nothing changes in the ranking, as also Bruges obtained one point from their clash with Charleroi.

Anderlecht and Ghent were both too afraid to lose, so the first half was very boring to follow. Both teams kept a strong organisation and were not accurate enough in the passing to create serious chances. The 0-0 at half time was more than logical.

The second half was slightly better. Ghent started with more offensive impulses, but Kubo sent three good chances over the target. Half-way the second half, also Anderlecht realised they could knock Bruges and Ghent out of the title race with a victory. The Mauves took control and Tielemans came close to scoring, but the crossbar stood in his way. Anderlecht increased the pressure  but didn't come further than a few good centres that were intercepted by the visiting defence. In the very last second, Thelin had an excellent opportunity, but his effort was blocked by a defender.

Below you can find the most interesting phases from the match (if there were any ...):

93' End of the game.
93' Thelin with a shot, but too weak and blocked by the defender!
89' Yellow for Obradovic!
87' Corner kick for RSC Anderlecht.
84' Replacement: Matton in, Kubo out.
79' The ball passes the line in favour of Sporting Anderlecht: corner kick, but no danger.
77' Replacement: Kalu in, Simon out.
73' Replacement: Coulibaly in, Perbet out.
71' Replacement: Thelin in, Teodorczyk out.
70' Anderlecht are showing more offensive ideas now, but the Mauves don't come further than a few good centres.
70' Mitrovic is being shown yellow.
68' Replacement: Bruno in, Stanciu out.
58' Corner kick for Sporting Anderlecht.
54' Corner kick for Ghent, no result.
51' Chance for Tielemans with a shot! That was an excellent opportunity! The bar assists the goalie and prevents a goal!
50' Kubo is the best man on the field for Ghent. In a few minutes time he had three chances but he aimed all three over the target.
48' The ball goes over the target. Kubo delivered the centre from the right wing.
45' Kick-off of the second half!

45' Half-time.

38' The ball passes the line in favour of RSC Anderlecht: corner kick.
35' The ball passes the line in favour of Ghent: corner kick.
29' The ball passes the line in favour of Ghent: corner kick.
20' Yellow for Esiti!
0' Kick-off of the match!

Line-up RSC Anderlecht: Boeckx, Appiah, Spajic, Kara, Obradovic, Dendoncker, Tielemans, Hanni, Chipciu, Teodorczyk, Stanciu
Line-up Ghent: Kalinic, Gigot, Gershon, Mitrovic, Foket, Milicevic, Esiti, Asare, Kubo, Perbet, Simon

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