Anderlecht win and become champion!

THURSDAY, 18 MAY 2017, 20:32 - WauteRSCA
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GAMES RSC Anderlecht faced a difficult match against Charleroi, but the Mauves came back from a 1-0 at half time and won 1-3. The victory wasn't even necessary to win the title as Bruges lost on the field of Ostende with 2-1. Nonetheless, the 34th title for Anderlecht is a fact!

Anderlecht clearly started nervously. The team wanted to bring good combinations, but the last pass was often of poor quality. This resulted in just a few small chances in the first half. Charleroi didn't do much better, but when Boeckx left his goal but came too late for an interception, Bedia scored 1-0. This was also the score at half time. Bruges, also still in the running for the title, were also 1-0 behind at half time.

The second half was a lot better. Anderlecht's combinations were a lot better and this resulted rapidly in an equaliser: Teodorzcyk scored with a hard shot right under the crossbar: 1-1. Charleroi seemed to be knocked out and the Mauves increased the pressure. It resulted in chances, but no goal. Until 9 minutes before the end: Hanni opened for Teodorzcyk and the Pole placed the ball next to the goalkeeper against the net: 1-2. In that exact same minute, Ostende also scored in the match against Bruges (2-1) and like that the title was decided. In the last minutes, Bruno made the victory even larger by scoring 1-3. Good enough for the 34th Belgian title!

All the phases of the match:
92' End of the game.
87' GOAL! 1-3: Bruno scores with a shot! The ball goes in in the upper right corner.
85' Replacement: Thelin in, Theodorczyk out.
84' Ostende - Club Bruges: 2-1
83' It's yellow for Hanni.
81' GOAL! 1-2: Teodorczyk breaks through the defence and scores! The ball rolls over the ground into the goal. Hanni gave the last pass with a long ball.
80' Ostende - Club Bruges: 1-1
79' Replacement: Hendrickx in, Saglik out.
79' Corner kick for Anderlecht.
78' Corner kick for Sporting Anderlecht.
76' Replacement: Bruno in, Chipciu out.
74' Marinos is being showed yellow.
69' Bedia is in a good position close to the goal and shoots! What an inexplicable failure! The ball goes out on the wrong side of the post.
66' Replacement: Tainmont in, Dessoleil out.
66' Acheampong with a hard effort! Penneteau keeps his net clean and throws himself in front of the ball!
59' GOAL! 1-1: Teodorczyk scores with a hard shot! The ball goes high into the goal.
57' Replacement: Acheampong in, Tielemans out.
53' There aren't too many chances. The battle for the midfield is still ongoing.
45' Start of the second half.

47' Half-time.

44' The referee blows his whistle for a foul of Theodorczyk on Penneteau.
38' The ball passes the line in favour of Anderlecht: corner kick.
36' The referee blows his whistle for a foul of Dendoncker on Marcq.
32' Ostende - Club Bruges: 1-0
27' GOAL! Bedia scores with a shot!
26' Hanni finds the opening, turns and shoots, but the chance is aimed too high.
22' Marcq makes a bad tackle on the legs of .
20' Replacement: Marinos in, Willems out.
19' The ball passes the line in favour of the Mauves: corner kick.
17' The ball passes the line in favour of the Mauves: corner kick.
15' Willems sseems to be injured at the knee. It looks like a replacement will be necessary.
14' The referee signals a foul: Spajic has pushed Bedia.
12' Obradovic makes a bad tackle on the legs of Mata.
9' Foul! Theodorczyk has pushed Bedia.
8' The ball passes the line in favour of the Belgian record champions: corner kick.
6' The ball passes the line in favour of RSC Anderlecht: corner kick.
4' Kick-off of the match!

Line-up Charleroi: Penneteau, Mata, Martos, Dessoleil, N'Ganga, Willems, Marcq, Diandy, Bedia, Saglik, Pollet
Line-up RSC Anderlecht: Boeckx, Appiah, Kara, Spajic, Obradovic, Dendoncker, Tielemans, Dendoncker, Trebel, Hanni, Chipciu, Theodorczyk

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