New Anderlecht stadium one step closer

THURSDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2014, 16:37 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht's new home ground is one step closer. The Eurostadium is proposed by the city of Brussels as a candidate for Euro 2020 which will be held all across Europe. The UEFA gave their first feedback.

"The Eurostadium will have a capacity of 62.613 seats and will cost 314,3 million to construct it. It will be exploited by RSC Anderlecht and it will be the home for the Belgian national team as well", the report states.

"After a thorough evaluation period by the UEFA, the Brussels candidature is making a good chance", Alain Courtois of the Belgian Football Federation announced. The UEFA will announce the cities which will host a game for Euro 2020 next Friday.

Whether Anderlecht will really move into the stadium is yet to be seen. The club is currently still working on the enlargement of their current stadium. But if the Eurostadium will be build, it practically certain the club will move. They will have to pay a renting fee every month though.

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