Weak Anderlecht without a chance against Charleroi

SUNDAY, 13 AUGUST 2017, 17:55 - Skyhawk
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GAMES RSC Anderlecht faced Charleroi in today's match and lost 2-0. The Mauves played a very weak game and suffered a deserved and logical defeat. With just 4 points out of 9, the start of the league is not successful. On top of that, Anderlecht could only score once in three games.

Anderlecht started with Onyekuru on the bench, despite his good match against Ostend last week. Adrien Trebel took his place in a rather defensive Anderlecht. And that had its effect on the match: both sides played well organized in the first half, resulting in practically no chances at all. The best chance was for Hanni who hit the upright with a header early in the game. The 0-0 at half time was logical.

The second half brought a bit more but it was clear that Anderlecht lacked efficiency, speed and precision to create any serious danger. After 54 minutes, the Belgian champions got what they deserved: Baby was given too much space and scored with a fantastic shot in the upper right corner of the goal: 1-0. Everyone expected a reaction of Anderlecht, but there was no reaction. Charleroi even became the best team and started looking for a second goal. Coach Weiler meanwhile realized something had to be done and tried switching to a more offensive line-up. Defender Appiah was swapped for striker Oyekuru and more surprisingly also Kums was replaced by Stanciu. It didn't help much. The only real chance was one for Onyekuru with a header in the very last minute. In stoppage time, Charleroi even scored a second goal: Benavente was allowed to dribble past the entire defense and scored: 2-0; final score.

Phases of the match:
93' End of the game.
92' Yellow for Benavente.
93' GOAL: Benavente dribbles the entire defence and places the ball in the bottom right corner.
92' Teodorczyk directs his header to the opposite corner, but Penneteau makes a dive and saves!
88' Replacement: Fall in, Lukebakio out.
87' Bedia creates a chance with a deviated shot, but Sels prevents worse with a dive. A corner kick is the result.
86' It's yellow for Chipciu.
86' Baby fires from distance! That was an excellent opportunity! The ball goes out on the wrong side of the post.
85' Spajic has a chance with the head; the goalkeeper plucks the ball.
84' Onyekuru with a header! That was an excellent opportunity! The keeper makes a good save with a dive. The ball goes into corner.
83' Replacement: Bedia in, Pollet out.
82' Replacement: Benavente in, Rezaei out.
81' Teodorczyk turns and shoots! Penneteau gets the ball directly on his body and saves.
79' Corner kick for RSC Anderlecht.
79' Replacement: Bruno in, Trebel out.
77' Spajic trips Lukebakio: foul. A free kick is the result.
74' Pressure of RSC Anderlecht, but can they score?
73' The ball passes the line in favour of RSC Anderlecht: corner kick.
69' The ball passes the line in favour of Anderlecht: corner kick.
68' Foul! Baby has pushed Kara. Free kick, says the referee.
66' Baby is unable to reach the ball! Sels jumps and saves! A corner kick preceded the chance.
66' Corner kick for Charleroi.
65' The ball passes the line in favour of Charleroi: corner kick.
63' Replacement: Stanciu in, Kums out.
62' Spajic is being showed yellow.
62' Replacement: Onyekuru in, Appiah out.
60' Charleroi control the match.
59' The ball passes the line in favour of Charleroi: corner kick.
57' The ball passes the line in favour of Charleroi: corner kick.
56' Chipciu doesn't seem to be concentrated on the game at the moment.
54' GOAL! Baby scores with a hard shot! The ball goes high into the goal.
49' Nurio pushes in the box, but the referee doesn't whistle!
45' Start of the second half.

45' Half-time.

42' Trebel escapes from a second yellow. Will he remain on the field in the second half?
41' Rezaei tries it with a free kick, but the ball goes over.
40' Trebel trips Nurio: foul. Free kick, says the referee.
37' The ball passes the line in favour of the Belgian record champions: corner kick.
37' The game remains rather boring. Most of the attacks start with Appiah, the other side remains unused. Anderlecht's play lacks precision to cause problems for Charleroi.
34' Trebel sees a chance for glory and shoots! Penneteau keeps his net clean and throws himself in front of the ball!
33' Diandy sees a chance for glory and shoots! The goalie makes a simple save.
27' Appiah is being taken down with a tackle by Nurio. The referee takes action. Free kick.
20' Yellow for Trebel!
19' Teodorczyk sees a chance for glory and shoots! The ball is being blocked. The blunder of Dessoleil remains without consequences.
15' The ball passes the line in favour of Charleroi: corner kick.
12' Hanni with a header! The ball finds the post on its way! Appiah delivered the centre from the right wing.
11' Corner kick for Charleroi.
10' Appiah saves Anderlecht with a tackle. Lukebakio tries in the rebound but hits Sels. Both fall to the ground but can continue.
7' Kara with a header! The goalie makes a simple save.
6' Baby steps on his opponent's foot.Kums is given the advantage. The referee gives a yellow card and a free kick.
3' The game doesn't take a good start. Both teams are not eager to attack.
0' Kick-off of the match!

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