Vanderhaeghe: "Anderlecht was much better"

SUNDAY, 26 APRIL 2015, 11:37 - Alientje
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There was no doubt that Yves Vanderhaeghe pictured a different game at the Constant Vanden Stock - stadium. "Anderlecht was much better," he admitted. But the KVK - coach wasn't easy on the referee.

"We had a good start, but then Anderlecht pushed us back," says Vanderhaeghe. "We need to forget this game as soon as possible and get back in shape to play against Standard."

"We're not getting a good report for this game, but neither does the referee," the ex-Anderlecht player continues. "The referee was a great actor today. The fourth goal was definitely offside and every questionable phase was in Anderlecht's advantage."

Also Proto gets a negative report. "He tackled Chevalier, with his two feet."

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