Anderlecht lost points once again

SATURDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2017, 18:38 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht now have just 9 points out of 21. Also the game in Kortrijk didn't end in a success. Anderlecht took the lead thanks to Harbaoui, but bad defending led to two goals for the home side. Onyekuru managed to equalise and a final offensive didn't produce any goals. In the last minute, Onyekuru was brought down in the box, but instead of penalty, referee Boucaut gave yellow to the Anderlecht striker for diving.

Phases of the match:
93' End of the game.
92' Stojanovic fires from distance! The chances lacks precision and goes along the front of the goal.
90' Replacement: Beric in, Teodorczyk out.
89' Kumordzi is playing a dangerous game and makes a foul in the box, but it passes unnoticed! Onyekuru even gets yellow for diving.
85' Teodorczyk is unable to reach the ball! Appiah was the author of the centre from the right side.
85' It's yellow for Budkivskyi.
84' Replacement: Bruno in, Hanni out.
83' Replacement: Stojanovic in, Ajagun out.
81' the Mauves increase the pace and plays higher now.
78' Chance for Trebel with a shot! The goalie makes a save with a jump.
76' GOAL! Onyekuru scores in the rebound!
75' Harbaoui with a hard effort! Kaminski sweeps the ball out of his goal.
73' Something that resembles pressure of Anderlecht now, but the team lacks inspiration and ideas to be dangerous.
66' Remarkable in the first half: Roger Vanden Stock cannot control his anger after the fans sing "We want to see football". The fans are not impressed though and frequently chant: "Weiler out".
63' Replacement: Onyekuru in, Obradovic out.
61' Spajic caught for hands. Yellow and free kick.
61' Harbaoui's ball is too high. A corner kick preceded the chance. It should have gone in!
58' GOAL! Chevalier breaks through the defence and scores! The ball hits the post and falls into the net.
55' Harbaoui is being sanctioned for dangerous play. Kaminski is the victim. A free kick is the result.
55' Corner kick for RSC Anderlecht.
53' De Smet steps on his opponent's foot.Hanni is given the advantage. The referee gives a yellow card and a free kick.
52' GOAL! Ajagun pushes the ball over the line! D'Haene delivered the centre from the left flank.
45' Start of the second half.

45' Half-time.

42' The match continues at a slow pace.
34' Harbaoui scores, but offside.
30' Goal Kortrijk, but the linesman flags for a foul on Deschacht. The scoreline remains 0-1.
28' Yellow Appiah.
23' GOAL! Harbaoui scores with a header on a centre from the right (Chipciu).
13' Harbaoui with the effort, but Kaminski saves.
9' Shot Trebel, over the goal.
5' De Smet scores, but the linesman had seen offside.
0' Kick-off

Line-up Anderlecht: Sels, Appiah, Spajic, Deschacht, Obradovic, Dendoncker, Trebel, Chipciu, Hanni, Teodorczyk, Harbaoui
Line-up Kortrijk: Kaminski, Van Loo, Kovacevic, Kumordzi, Makarenko, Ajagun, Van der Bruggen, De Smet, D'Haene, Chevalier, Budkivskyi

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