Anderlecht cannot score against Bruges

SUNDAY, 5 NOVEMBER 2017, 17:09 - WauteRSCA
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GAMES Anderlecht and Bruges kept each other in balace today. The match ended on a scoreless draw, though Anderlecht deserved more. The Mauves had several good chances and saw the linesman incorrectly flag on a goal of Harbaoui.

Bruges and Anderlecht played a first half with a lot of heavy duels on the midfield, but just a few chances. Bruges had the best chance, but Sels kept, with some luck, Diaby from scoring. The visitors had a few more chances with a header and a few shots. Anderlecht on the other hand, scored through Harbaoui but the linesman had incorrectly seen offside. At the end of the first half, Chipciu tried it from distance, but his shot went next to the post.

Anderlecht dominated the entire second half and had several decent chances to score: Gerkens had an open shot to the goal, but his effort went over. Harbaoui deviated a centre in Hubert's hands and scored a bit later on a free kick, though this time he was correctly caught offside. Onyekuru's header was saved by Hubert and later Gerkens' attempt was clear off the line. That same Gerkens also headed a good chance just next to the goal. All these attempts weren't enough to score though. Bruges couldn't do much about it. They only had a few chances with shots from distance. Final score: 0-0.

Phases of the match:
94' End of the game.
92' Dennis is being showed yellow.
89' Replacement: Palacios in, Limbombe out.
87' Gerkens has a chance with the head, but the ball misses the target.
87' Replacement: Appiah in, Chipciu out.
84' Replacement: Teodorczyk in, Obradovic out.
72' Replacement: Dennis in, Vossen out.
71' Replacement: Onyekuru in, Hanni out.
67' It's yellow for Denswil.
66' Harbaoui makes a goal, but the linesman has correctly seen offside!
60' Replacement: Wesley in, Diaby out.
59' Yellow for Vormer!
54' Chance for Gerkens with a shot! That was an excellent opportunity! The ball goes over the target.
53' Yellow for Harbaoui!
45' Start of the second half.
45' Chance for Chipciu with a shot! The ball doesn't go in between the posts.
39' Yellow for Obradovic!
38' The ball passes the line in favour of the Mauves: corner kick.
33' The ball passes the line in favour of Brugge: corner kick.
23' Yellow for Diaby!
22' Harbaoui score! But the linesman flags incorrectly for offside!
11' The goalie processes the ball well.
0' Kick-off of the match!

Line-up RSC Anderlecht: Sels, Kara, Spajic, Obradovic, Dendoncker, Trebel, Gerkens, Kums, Hanni, Chipciu, Harbaoui
Line-up Brugge: Hubert, Denswil, Mechele, Poulain, Nakamba, Limbombe, Vormer, Cools, Vanaken, Diaby, Vossen

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