An other defeat after very weak game

SUNDAY, 18 FEBRUARY 2018, 21:05 - lajoya
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GAMES The ban of Olivier Deschacht did not result in a turnaround. Anderlecht showed the same flaws against STVV as the past weeks and suffered a logical 1-0 defeat. Youngsters Mohammed Dauda and Alexis Saelemaekers, who were given their chance for the first time, could not force anything.

Vanhaezebrouck started the game with another field configuration. Not a 3-4-3 or 4-3-3, but a 4-4-2. Morioka started on the bench. The match started faintly. Neither STVV nor Anderlecht succeeded in getting something ready in the initial phase. A little past the fifteenth minute, smoke bombs were thrown in the Anderlecht away section and the game was paused for ten minutes.

STVV digested this break the best. On the other side Teodorczyk got a shooting chance, but he was too wild. Then Akpom did much better on the other side. The Brit, ex-Arsenal, kicked in the left corner: 1-0 and Anderlecht in trouble. Those problems could become even greater in the added time. First Bruno was close to the equalizer (Asamoah just put a foot in front) and just before the end of the match, STVV got a penalty kick after a handball from Sa. A wrong decision, because the Portuguese was out of sixteen. Sels saved the eleven meters from Akpom.

The first danger after the break came from De Sart, but Sels saved his shot well. From Anderlecht-side, Sambi Lokonga took care of the first shooting opportunity. From close up he headed straight on Steppe. A little past the hour Vanhaezebrouck got his first joker from the bank. The young Ghanaian Dauda got his first full-fledged chance (last week he fell in for a few minutes). Meanwhile, the Anderlecht fans are crying ironically 'It's Olivier's fault'.

Vanhaezebrouck then also threw in Morioka and Saelemaekers. Again a young debutant.. A lot of things did not matter. It was 1-0 and Anderlecht only got three points from its last five matches. Ghent can come next Sunday next to purple and white if it wins home at KV Mechelen.

Score: 1-0
Goal (s): 41 'Akpom (1-0)

STVV: Steppe, Dussaut, Teixeira, Kotysch, Goutas, De Sart, De Petter, Asamoah, De Norre, Legear, Akpom
Anderlecht: Sels, Appiah, Spajic, Sa (75 'Morioka), Obradovic, Chipciu (75' Saelemaekers), Sambi Lokonga, Gerkens, Saief, Bruno (62 'Dauda), Teodorczyk

Yellow: 25 'Teodorczyk, 30' Dussaut, 36 'Appiah, 48' Sa, 81 'De Petter, 90 + 3' De Norre
Red: /

Referee: Nathan Verboomen
Stadium: Stayen

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