Anderlecht throws away victory in final minutes

MONDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2018, 09:36 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht were unable to win for the third week in a row. For a long time it looked good. Amuzu (photo) gave Purple & White the lead shortly after the break with a good shot. In the final phase, however, Bornauw made hands and Benavente used the penalty kick.

Vanhaezebrouck chose a lot of offensive violence with Morioka, Santini and Dimata. It escaped, however, when Gholizadeh only appeared for Didillon after 15 seconds, but missed. Afterwards, Anderlecht quietly took over the command. Bornauw first headed on Penneteau. Afterwards Amuzu kicked on the post and Dimata narrowly missed. On the other side Benavente missed a big opportunity. 0-0 at halftime.

Anderlecht had a dream start after the break. Dimata could, via Gholizadeh, reach Amuzu and he did not doubt. The winger kicked past Penneteau. Anderlecht then dominated the match and Didillon could watch. Dimata and Santini found Penneteau on their way, so it kept paying attention. Two minutes before the end, it happened. Bornauw touched the ball with the hand and penalty kick. Benavente did not fail.

Because of this draw, Anderlecht see STVV appearing next to them in a shared fourth place.

Score: 1-1
Goal (s): 47 'Amuzu (1-0), 88' Benavente 1-1, pen)

Anderlecht: Didillon, Najar, Bornauw, Lawrence (46 'Milic), Saelemaekers, Sambi Lokonga, Kums, Amuzu, Morioka (75' Verschaeren), Santini, Dimata
Charleroi: Penneteau, Marinos, Zajkov, Dessoleil, Nurio, Gholizadeh (54 'Henen), Ilaimaharitra, Diandy (74' Niane), Benavente, Bruno (62 'Perbet), Oshimen

Yellow: 27 'Santini, 31' Ilaimaharitra, 42 'Kums, 57' Benavente, 69 'Najar, 88' Bornauw
Red: /

Referee: Jonathan Lardot
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock Stadium

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