1 out of 15 after new defeat

SUNDAY, 23 DECEMBER 2018, 16:44 - lajoya
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GAMES Karim Belhocine has not been able to make a turnaround. In his first game, the interim coach was 2-0 behind after fifteen minutes of play. Finally Mouscron won with 3-1. Chances are that Anderlecht will tumble out of the top six today.

Belhocine opted for a 4-4-2 with Najar and Gerkens as central midfielders. However, Anderlecht started the game dramatically. After only fifteen minutes of play it was already 2-0 behind. First Benson passed Saelemaekers, and Leye headed in the 1-0. Not much later, Bakic doubled the score with a great shot in the top corner. Where is the time that you saw such actions from Anderlecht players ...

And Anderlecht? They were again not good. When last week's game against Cercle Brugge was the low point, Belhocine showed tonight that he should not be inferior to his mentor. Would it really be that it was not the fault of Vanhaezebrouck? Because more than a header from Bakkali Anderlecht did not manage to create. Mouscron was simply better.

In the second half, Santini immediately set the tone. His cross was just beyond the target. The Croatian is only a shadow of the goal machine he was in August. August ... twelve in twelve ... thirteen goals in four matches ... it seems so long ago ... a different era. Belhocine tried with a double change, but Anderlecht scratched.

Fifteen minutes before the end of the game, the goal came out of nothing. Bakkali with the free kick and Dimata headed unsustainably inside. Would it happen anyway? But no, this Anderlecht would not be this Anderlecht if they did not shoot themselves in the foot immediately afterwards. Leye headed the 3-1 against the ropes, although the VAR had to be consulted first. No final offensive from Anderlecht. On the contrary: Van Durmen and Mbombo still failed to pop in every 4-1.

And that is how Anderlecht stay behind with a 1 out of 15. Can we gradually take the word 'crisis' in the mouth? The fact is that if STVV and Charleroi play at least this weekend and Standard wins, Anderlecht fall back to seventh place.

Score: 3-1
Goal (s): 8 'Leye (1-0), 15' Bakic (2-0), 77 'Dimata (2-1), 80' Dimata (3-1)

Mouscron: Butez, Vojvoda, Dussenne, Godeau, Gulan, Bakic (74 'Chibani), Van Durmen, Mohamed, Olinga (72' Kuzmanovic) Leye, Benson (90 'Mbombo)
Anderlecht: Didillon, Saelemaekers (66 'Kayembe), Vranjes, Bornauw, CObbaut, Bakkali, Najar, Gerkens, Amuzu (66' Doku), Santini, Dimata

Yellow: 41 'Bakkali, 61' Saelemaekers, 67 'Vranjes, 86' Benson, 90 + 3 'Mbombo
Red: /

Referee: Alexandre Boucaut
Stadium: Le Canonnier

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