Draw between Hamburg and Anderlecht

SATURDAY, 20 JULY 2019, 13:13 - KDB2000
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GAMES RSC Anderlecht will face HSV Hamburg in today's match. You can follow the entire game live through this article. Don't forget to refresh the page yourself.

94' End of the game.
82' GOAL! Colassinscores with a shot! The ball rolls over the ground into the goal.
81' Replacement: Sa in, Kompanyout.
74' Corner kick for HSV Hamburg.
72' Wood has a head injury and the game has been halted for threatment. It looks bad.
70' GOAL! Gerkensscores with a header!
67' Replacement: Wood in, Hinterseerout.
67' Replacement: Kittelin, Hunt out.
65' Vlapsees a chance for glory and shoots! The ball is too high.
64' There is Kompanywith a hard header! That was an excellent opportunity!
63' The ball passes the line in favourof the Belgian record champions: corner kick.
61' Chance for Vlapwith a shot! The wall is in the way of the shot.
61' Van Drongelenmakes a bad tackle on the legs of El Hadj. Yellow and free kick.
50' GOAL! Hinterseerscores with a hard shot!
49' Start of the second half.

45' Half-time.

40' GOAL! Hunt scores with a free kick after a foul made by Kompanyright before the box. 
35' Gyamerahgets injured at the ankle.
30' Replacement: El Hadjin, Nasriout.
30' Replacement: Bornauwin, Sandler out.
22' The pace of the game is too slow and there is a lot of carelessness in the passing.
19' Hinterseersees a chance for glory and shoots! The ball goes out on the wrong side of the post.
18' Corner kick for HSV Hamburg.
12' Saelemaekerssees a chance for glory and shoots! That was an excellent opportunity! The goalkeeper prevents any damage for his team.
9' Anderlecht lose the ball in defence, but HSV lacks precision to take advantage. Didillon can pick up the ball. 
1' Kick-off of the match!

XI RSCA: Didillon, Lutonda, Kompany 78'(Sa), Sandler 30'(Bornauw), Cobbaut 46'(Kayembe), Saelemackers 46'(Gerkens), Vlap, Dewaele, Zulj 78'(Kums), Nasri 30'(El Hadj), Amuzu 46'(Colassin)

XI Hamburg: Fernandes, Gyamerah 72'(Wintzheimer), Van Drongelen, Narey, Dudziak 76'(Moritz), Papadopoulos 72'(David), Hunt 62'(Kittel), Hinterseer 62'(Wood), Jatta 76'(Jairo), Leibold, Fein

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