KVO takes three points in Anderlecht

MONDAY, 29 JULY 2019, 19:00 - lajoya
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GAMES KV Oostende has won for the second time in its history on the field of a mediocre Anderlecht that nevertheless had a good start. The defeat will undoubtedly cause a damper at Purple & White.

In the first half hour there was a lot going on. Anderlecht took control of the game after dangerous footballing by Didillon. Vlap converted this into the 1-0 through a nice place ball. Moments later, the Dutchman seemed to double the score, but the VAR rightly intervened after offside from Vlap.

The joy, however, was short-lived. The first infiltration of Ostend was immediately good for the equalizer of Vargas who could easily insert a low cross in the penalty area. Anderlecht lowered the pace, but were able to threaten a few times via Gerkens. Meanwhile, Didillon saved the Purple & White from falling behind after Vargas tapped El Kababri.

Ostend started eagerly after the break and El Kababri was able to dismiss a big chance just in time. Anderlecht was hardly dangerous. Only Amuzu could threaten a few times, but the winger still has a hard time scoring. Ostend suddenly took the lead when substitute Sakala could easily score a central ball from Boonen.

The Purple & White reaction was very poor. Substitute Nasri was also unable to force much. Vlap kicked too weak and Amuzu shot wide. A header from Kompany on a corner was taken away by Capon. In the added time, RSCA could no longer put pressure on Ostend.

Anderlecht misses the start of the competition and can immediately go full steam ahead at Mouscron next Sunday to prevent a zero in six. The new style of play naturally requires time, but at least as important to us at the moment are some essential reinforcements that add quality and efficiency to this core.

 Score: 1-2
Goal (s):12 'Vlap (1-0), 18' Vargas (1-1), 76 'Sakala (1-2)

Anderlecht: Didillon, El Kababri (81 'Lutonda), Bornauw, Kompany, Cobbaut, Zulj, Verschaeren (60' Nasri), Vlap, Amuzu, Doku, Gerkens (86 'El Hadj)
Ostend: Dutoit, Capon, Faes, Milovic, Skulason, Palaversa, Vandendriessche, Hjulsager (66 'Jonckheere), Vargas (57' Sakala), Rajsel, D'Haese (65 'Boonen)

Yellow: 8 'Bornauw, 72' Capon, 92 'Dutoit, 94' Skulason
Red: /

Referee: Bram Van Driessche
Stadium: Lotto Park

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