Kompany and Trebel in the selection against Bruges

SATURDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER 2019, 23:00 - lajoya
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GAMES Het Laatste Nieuws reports that both Trebel and Kompany are in the selection of the match against Bruges. Three other players are missing.

Trebel and Kompany are ready to start, but that does not apply to Zulj, Nasri and Roofe. Zulj will probably not be fully fit after his nose surgery and they will probably not want to take a risk with Roofe, given the scarcity in the front. Since Zulj is not in the selection, it seems likely that Trebel will start the game, unless another surprise follows. What exactly is going on with Nasri is unknown. In recent weeks he has been regularly ill and struggling with a lack of match rhythm. He was also missing against Standard and against Antwerp, but played during the gala match of Kompany in Manchester.

Who will not play on the Bruges side is Diagne, the striker Bruges snatched away from Anderlecht. The Senegalese, who played in the Champions League game earlier this week, is missing in the selection of Bruges.

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