Weak Anderlecht pick one point in East Cantons

SUNDAY, 27 OCTOBER 2019, 10:17 - SJonas35
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GAMES Frank Vercauteren was unable to confirm the good of his debut match. Against Eupen, he opted for a conservative approach and that broke Anderlecht badly. The Purple & White did not make any of it and was pleased that Eupen did not keep the deserved victory at home.

Anderlecht could not count on Chadli and Vercauteren replaced the offensive strongman with a defensive midfielder. Trebel became the setter because of Kayembe's first line. A recipe that proved unsuccessful last season and that was confirmed tonight.

Half an hour. It was that long, we had to wait for a small first chance, if it's even worth that term. Luckassen's shot is too weak to worry De Wolf. Roofe was too surprised to work the rebound in goal. Fifteen minutes earlier, Van Crombrugge should have shown all his talent to keep a Bolingi header out of goal. He was allowed to do that again shortly before half-time with a pass from Milicevic.

There was no question of a re-sourcing at rest. Even after the break the Purple & White did not make much of it. On the hour Sambi Lokonga actually came into shooting position after a good action by Saelemaekers, but the ball did not fly into the High Fens. Luckassen still had a few small chances, but it was Van Crombrugge who showed himself. Thanks to him, Anderlecht still takes one point to Brussels.

Score: 0-0
Goal(s): /

Eupen:De Wolf, Beck, Verdon, Blondelle, Schouterden, Ebrahimi, Amat (87' Koch), Milicevic, Cools (87' Marreh), Bautista (90' Embalo), Bolingi
Anderlecht:Van Crombrugge, Luckassen, Kana, Cobbaut, Dewaele, Sambi Lokonga, Kayembe, Trebel (75' Amuzu), Verschaeren, Saelemaekers, Roofe

Yellow cards: 28' Schouterden, 58' Beck, 80' Bautista, 82' Bolingi
Red cards: /

Referee: Kehrweg
Stadium: Frederik Geldhof

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