Anderlecht crush Eupen: 6-1

SUNDAY, 1 MARCH 2020, 22:47 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht defeated Eupen at home with a 6-1 score! Anderlecht's revival may come too late though as the competitors for play-off 1 keep winning as well. Three matches remain before we know the final outcome.

Anderlecht started the match well with a fast goal of Amir Murillo after 8 minutes. When Amat pushed the broken through Joveljic in the box, he received red. Vlap converted the penalty: 2-0. Pjaca and Kompany scored two more goals before half-time. Pjaca also hit both posts right before the break. Score-line half way: 4-0!

The Mauves dominated the second half and Amuzu rapidly scored a fifth goal. Afterwards, the home side dropped the pace little. At the end of the match, Eupen scored with a header of Bolingi, but right before the end, Bakkali put the 6-1 on the scoreboard.

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