Again a defeat, this time against Eupen

MONDAY, 18 JANUARY 2021, 21:34 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht lost again this weekend, now against Eupen. The final result was 2-0 with goals in the second half. Though the decisive moment of the match was the red card for Lawrence. Before that event, Anderlecht had complete dominance over the match. 

Anderlecht started well with a lot of ball possession and dominance. Mukairu had two excellent chances and also Nmecha tried it three times. Cullen also tried it from distance. Yet, the issue of the previous matches remained: scoring. 

But then the tide turned: Lawrence made a harsh tackle and got yellow, but the VAR intervened and it became red; a heavily contested red card. From then on, Anderlecht's dominance was over and Eupen restored the balance. A few minutes after Lawrence's red, Peeters of Eupen also should have been sent off when he stepped on Ait El Hadj's ankle, but this time the VAR did not intervene. 

In the second half, Eupen controlled the match but couldn't really create serious chances. Nmecha could have brought Anderlecht ahead on a counter attack, but an Eupen defender ran into him. Again nor referee nor VAR intervened. Eventually, goalkeeper Wellenreuther offered Eupen the opening goal: he missed the ball in his intervention and Prevljak scored in the open goal. Not much later, he doubled Eupen's lead: 2-0 final score. 

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