Overview international games: nice goal Arnstad (video)

MONDAY, 11 OCTOBER 2021, 16:15 - lajoya
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GAMES Several Anderlecht players came in action with their national team. And with success: they all took the three points Josh Cullen with an assist and Kristian Arnstad (picture) with a great goal were even decisive.

Kristian Arnstad scored during the 5-0 victory against Wales with the Norwegian U19. Arnstad played the entire game, received a yellow card and recorded the final score after 79 minutes with a lovely free kick.

Josh Cullen and Ireland won with 0-3 at Azerbaijan. In the 90th minute, Cullen provided the assist for the 0-3. He was substituted just before the end of the game.

Sweden won with 3-0 against Kosovo. Kristoffer Olsson was substituted in the 91st minute.

In Africa, Majeed Ashimeru remained on the bench for the entire match for Ghana. Ghana won with 3-1 against Zimbabwe, where former Anderlecht player Knowledge Musona scored from the penalty spot.

The Belgian U17 saw their game against Azerbaijan cancelled due to corona infections with the opponent. Wout Meese and Luca Monticelli did not play.


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