Anderlecht decides match before half-time

MONDAY, 8 AUGUST 2022, 13:04 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht won against Seraing with 3-1. It was already leading 3-0 after half an hour and if it had reached the same level after half time, the score could have been much higher. But after the break, Anderlecht immediately went into saving mode and Seraing scored against. Purple and White did get a few more chances after the break, but the difference in level was extremely big. 

This time, Anderlecht started the match with a lot of speed. Sadiki was sent deep by Silva and the young winger reached Amuzu who kicked the ball high into the goal after only three minutes. Anderlecht completely controlled the match and finished very accurately. On the quarter of an hour Amuzu and Refaelov built a nice combination. Amuzu doubled the score with a low ball.

Fifteen minutes later, it was already 3-0. The active Fabio Silva was played in by Refaelov and on the turn the Portuguese scored. Anderlecht created a few more attacks, but the last pass was missing to increase the score. A well-deserved half-time score against a very tame Seraing.

After the break, the people from Liège seemed to realize that they were in danger of being beaten and they went on fighting harder. Seraing was able to score too easily on a breakout via Sissoko who had all the time and space to curl the ball into the corner from far out. Time for Purple and White to wake up, because the difference with the game before half-time was huge. After 73 minutes we finally saw another attack from the home team. Debast moved forward and almost scored after a one-two with substitute Raman.

Ten minutes before time, Gomez replaced Amuzu. Which of them will be playing for Purple and White soon? Arnstad had a chance after a break-out, but the shot was too weak. Substitute Stroeykens tried his luck, but his attempt ended in a corner.

Before half-time, Anderlecht booked an easy victory against a weak Seraing. But how weak the visitors were before the break, how weak Purple and White performed after the break. They immediately went into saving mode, which is of course understandable because of their busy schedule, but the difference in the level of play was too big. Against a better opponent, this could still go wrong.
Score: 3-1
Goal(s): 1-0 Amuzu (4'), 2-0 Amuzu (16'), 3-0 Fabio Silva (30'), 3-1 Sissoko (56')

Anderlecht:Van Crombrugge, Debast, Hoedt, Delcroix, Kana, Sadiki, Amuzu (Gomez 80'), Verschaeren (Olsson 80'), Refaelov (Arnstad 66'), Esposito (Raman 66'), Silva (Stroeykens 85')

Seraing:Dietsch, Conceicao (Marius 46'), Sylla, Tshibuabua (Mansoni 46'), Tremoulet, Abanda (Poaty 71'), Sissoko, Lahssaini, Lepoint, Bernier, Elisor (Guillaume 84').

Yellow: Lahssaini 57', Sadiki 84'
Red: /

Referee: Lawrence Visser
Stadium: Lotto Park

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