Anderlecht wins against STVV

MONDAY, 15 AUGUST 2022, 11:09 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht booked a good 0-3 victory on the field of STVV. Important points considering the enormous heat and the traditionally difficult trip to Stayen. Anderlecht climbed to 0-2 in the final phase of a good first half via Refaelov and Silva. After the break, STVV didn't give up, but via a perfect counter Raman finished the job. For STVV this was the first loss since January.

With a temperature of 42°C, two drink breaks per half were inserted yesterday afternoon. The match started well, Van Crombrugge had to intervene quickly on a rebound after ten minutes, after he had been unable to clamp a shot. Then Anderlecht started to take over the match. Stroeykens was sent well deep by Murillo, but Schmidt saved it. Verschaeren kicked too central and in minute 34 Silva's header hit the far post.

In the end of the first half Anderlecht was rewarded. After a one-two between Amuzu and Stroeykens, the ball ended up in Refaelov's hands who could score the 0-1. In the added time, Anderlecht pushed again. Trebel crossed again after a corner and Fabio Silva headed in the 0-2. A well-deserved lead after a more than solid first half, especially considering the high temperatures.

Five minutes after the break Van Crombrugge was ready when Al-Dakhil had a central shot at goal from a corner. Then there was a phase when Silva was held down heavily, but Laforge found no fault. Van Crombrugge pushed a shot into a corner. Anderlecht didn't have it easy with STVV after the break.

But in minute 73 Anderlecht struck again. Silva got hold of the ball and passed it to Raman, who scored the 0-3. Still, STVV did not give up all hope. Van Crombrugge had to watch out again when Bruno tried to score from a short angle. In the final phase Anderlecht got a lot of space, but Murillo failed to score again.

Three important points at Stayen, where purple-white doesn't always have it easy. Refaelov and Silva were again the most decisive players of the team, but Stroeykens and Amuzu also showed themselves. Anderlecht can now prepare for a double confrontation against Young Boys Bern. The league match against Gent has been postponed until September 1st.

Score: 0-3
Goal(s): 0-1 Refaelov (42'), 0-2 Silva (45+5), 0-3 Raman ('73)

STVV:Schmidt, Al-Dakhil, Hashioka, Konate, Koita (Janssens 78'), Hayashi (Kagawa 39'), Bauer, Boya (Van Dessel 45'), Leistner, Brüls, Bruno
Anderlecht:Van Crombrugge, Debast, Hoedt, Delcroix, Trebel, Murillo, Amuzu (Sadiki 80'), Verschaeren, Refaelov (Arnstad 74'), Stroeykens (Raman 64'), Silva (Esposito 80')

Yellow: Bauer 27', Delcroix 35', Trebel 46', Coppens 50', Kagawa 66', Brüls 69', Debast 83'

Referee: Nicolas Laforge
Stadium: Stayen

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