"Keeping the zero and then one chance can make the difference"

MONDAY, 15 AUGUST 2022, 11:18 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS After the big 0-3 victory over STVV, goalkeeper and captain Hendrik Van Crombrugge spoke to the press with satisfaction. "Of course there are still many things that can be improved, but for now we can enjoy the game. From Monday the focus will be on Young Boys Bern," he said.

Van Crombrugge and his defense kept the zero for the fifth time in six games. "Our organization was on point again and we hardly gave any chances away," said the goalkeeper. "That's a big advantage. If you can keep the zero, you just have to stay calm and then one chance can make the difference."

The goalkeeper also noted that his mates were good at finding space between the lines. "That way we could easily reach Refaelov and Verschaeren and we created some chances. We knew STVV would come after the break (when it was 0-2, ed.), but we remained calm. After a good counterattack we made it 0-3 and the match was played."

Starting tomorrow, Anderlecht will focus on Young Boys. A match of very big importance, Van Crombrugge knows, and also on artificial grass. "Apparently their turf is worse than here. We want to do better than last season, when we went out against Vitesse."

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