Very weak Anderlecht loses again

FRIDAY, 2 SEPTEMBER 2022, 13:53 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht failed to win against Gent for the eleventh time in a row. After a very poor game, it lost with 0-1, a penalty converted after half-time. Anderlecht didn't create a lot of chances, although Gent defended well. Refaelov missed the only real chance at 0-0. The purple and white team left a resigned impression and could never put Gent under pressure. It sinks to the middle of the table and on Sunday OHL awaits, another club against which they did not win last season. Moreover, OHL is doing well with twelve points.

After two minutes Anderlecht got a famous warning from Gent. After losing the ball, Gent got a lot of space through the offensive purple-white midfield, but Hong placed his shot very centrally. Anderlecht reacted with a combination between Refealov and Silva. After a poorly executed corner kick by Purple and White, Gent was able to break out again, but Hong's second attempt was blocked. Bad luck for Anderlecht when Delcroix kicked against the post after a corner on the quarter hour.

On the half hour Odjidja kicked half a meter wide. Murillo copied him on the other side. Anderlecht had a hard time creating chances. For example, the passing wasn't pure enough and they played more cautious after the dangerous outbreaks of Gent. Moreover, Anderlecht escaped the 0-1 thanks to VAR when they noticed offside after a beautiful shot by Kums against the post which was put in goal by Depoitre. A difficult first half for a very pale Anderlecht.

Little improvement after half-time. Offensively, Gent was a bit better at it again. Van Crombrugge had to push a shot into a corner in minute 55. The purple and white attackers were in the grip of the Gent defence and on top of that Anderlecht didn't look for depth enough. Just after the hour, there was finally a chance. Refaelov took a good lead, but didn't manage to pin the ball into the goal.
In minute 67', Gent was awarded a penalty after the referee looked for a foul on the screen. The substitute Cuypers shot unerringly in to make it 0-1. Who could react to this lifeless Anderlecht we got to see tonight? The answer was simple: nobody.

The substitute Raman did cross low, but an unlucky Silva couldn't reach it and there was nobody at the far post. Van Crombrugge was lucky again after a bad pass. But even in the six minutes of extra time, Anderlecht didn't manage to get a chance anymore.

That's how Anderlecht already lost for the third time this season and again, it couldn't win against Gent. Just like against Union, Anderlecht couldn't make a fist against the physically strong Gent and offensively it came out very pale. Moreover, Anderlecht has been missing the experience to draw a closed game to themselves. Maybe it's not a bad idea to look for an extra striker at the last minute? Now that Silva's cannon has gone silent for a while, it's clear that the purple and white team misses scoring power.

Score: 0-1
Goal(s): 0-1 Cuypers 68' (pen)

Anderlecht:Van Crombrugge, Debast, Hoedt, Delcroix, Kana (Arnstad 69'), Amuzu (Sadiki 81'), Murillo, Verschaeren (Esposito 81'), Stroeykens (Angulo 87'), Refaelov (Raman 69'), Silva
Gent:Roef, Ngadeu, Okumu, Torunariga, Kums, Hong (Hauge 80'), Castro-Montes (Godeau 80'), Samoise, Odjidja, Hjulsager (Cuypers 59'), Depoitre (Salah 59')

Yellow: Torunariga 60', Stroeykens 70', Hong 73', Silva 84'

Referee: Erik Lambrechts
Stadium: Lotto Park

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