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WEDNESDAY, 22 AUGUST 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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This evening Anderlecht is playing against Halmstad for the Champions League.
The qualifing shouldn?t be a problem because the Mauves won the away game with 2-3.
The game begins at 8:00 pm and Anderlecht plays for 7,5 million euro.

Besides Gilles De Bilde, the 11 players who played against La Louvière is fit. Ivica Mornar trained completely starts at the kick-off. Ki-Hyeun Seol sits on the bench. Anthuenis gives Olivier Doll only 1 chance out of 100 to play, but the injury of the defender seems to be healing. He may possibly play after all.
Alin Stoica and Walter Baseggio stay out.

The 11 players : De Wilde - Pirard, De Boeck, Ilic, Crasson - Aruna, Hasi, Vanderhaeghe, Hendrikx - De Bilde (?) and Mornar (Milojevic - Van Hout, Doll (?) - El Saïd, Iachtchouk - Seol and Thompson
Injured : Stoica , Jestrovic , Doll , Baseggio
Supended : nobody

The 11 players for Halmstad:
Svensson - Borgstrand, Jönsson, Wowoah, Nilsson - Torbjörn, Arvidsson, Hansson, F. Andersson - Selakovic and R. Andersson (P. Johansson, Vennberg, Karlsson, Jensen, Claesson, Gustafson, Ekström, Björklund, Carlsson, Lundström, Nordstrand, Bertilsson, Sundvall

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