Not a bad atmosphere in the group

FRIDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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After the defeat against Real, some rumours were going on about a bad atmosphere in the team. Filip De Wilde said some serious things about the way Anderlecht played in the second half. Now he explains what he really meant.

"I wanted to wake up the team. We must learn from our mistakes and it's urgent! There are a lot of changes in the team, but I didn't notice anything about problems between the old and new players..."

Chairman Roger Vanden Stock reacted angry: "It has always been like that. If we lose, the media always talks about problems in the team."

Also Anthuenis denies the rumours: "This group must grow and good results can help. There are no real problems so far. There are no clans or conflicts. If we win the return against Madrid, everything will look different. The most important goal is the league. We must try to defeat Aalst next Sunday."

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