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MONDAY, 9 DECEMBER 2002, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws speaks of a 'Black Saturday'. "The game between the 'Two Great' will be remembered as an unfair battle". "An ordinary street fight" the title says. The responsability of De Bleeckere is big, says the newspaper.

"He showed a lack of psychological view."

Het Nieuwsblad supported De Bleeckere in his comments. "It was a war between small mean soldiers. The general in between deserved better", it sounded. The newspaper is also full with statistics. 50 fouls were made during Club Brugge-Anderlecht. That's a new record for this season. Anderlecht made 30 fouls. In 1999, another Brugge-Anderlecht ended up like this one. Back then, the referee showed 6 yellow cards and one red card.

De Standaard does not support the actions of De Bleeckere. "He was the star in this awful drama. He was inspired by his weakness and made a mess of the game. Now we know why we didn't have a referee on the World Cup. De Bleeckere shamefully decided over the game, and that's the second time this season".

Another comment: "Both teams started frustrated, which is wrong". A comment about Maertens sounded like this: "The young Brugian needs professional help as soon as possible."

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