Hasi: "Kara is natural leader"

SATURDAY, 15 AUGUST 2015, 10:12 - jds93
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INTERVIEWS After deeply analyzing the game against champions Ghent Besnik Hasi came to the conclusion his team is physically ready but has a lack of leadership on the pitch. According to Hasi it seems Kara Mbodji is the man to fulfill that role.

Statistics from the last game made clear Anderlecht ran exact the same distance at the same speed as Ghent. "The problem was we created to much space and we lost the ball too much as well". "You cannot keep the pace we held at the beginning of the game so you have to be smarter in consuming your energy".

Conclusion: Anderlecht lacks leadership. "Kara Mbodji is there to solve this problem together with Olivier Deschacht. Defour? He went the extra mile last sunday, more then he ever did last season. But he cannot do it all on is own. We have to be stronger as a team", the coach stated

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