Early return of Ganvoula?

SUNDAY, 26 NOVEMBER 2017, 22:47 - lajoya
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OTHER Isaac Kiese Thelin, on loan at Waasland-Beveren, regularly scores a goal. He is even number 1 in the top scorer ranking. Sylvère Ganvoula currently on loan at KV Mechelen, is not doing so well. They even think of an early return to Brussels.

KV Mechelen blames Ganvoula a lack of drive. "We have gone a long way to take him to Mechelen", says sports director Rik Vande Velde, "We have often spoken to each other and he wants to be part of the story, but in fact he should have to work twice as hard. We have already pointed out to him that his situation is not very good, hopefully the message will come in. If we notice that the will and the commitment is not improving, it is better that we stop. ''

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