Teodorczyk: "No one told me I had to leave"

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INTERVIEWS In the Polish press Lukasz Teodorczyk comes back on his departure at Anderlecht last summer. The striker is not happy with how things were done at the time. "Players with a high wage had to leave, but nobody came to tell me something."

Because of the World Cup, Teodorczyk joined the group later. "When I came back, I had to train individually, and in the press it appeared that I had to leave, and when I got questions about it, I said that I would just stay, and that was the truth at the time," Teodorczyk says in Przeglad Sportow. .

Anderlecht apparently saw it differently, but Teodorczyk did not know that. "The problem was that there was a new board and a new policy with them: the players who earned a lot had to leave. So me as well. But nobody told me that, neither the chairman nor the sports director called me to share this, so the weeks went by. "

"I did not deserve such a treatment"

In the meantime, Anderlecht had two new strikers with Dimata and Santini, and they did well in the first weeks. "After a while, I spoke to the coach, who told me to be patient, that the new strikers scored, played in his card, he did not like people with a different opinion, and the chairman told in the media that I was the third choice. It would be the best thing for everyone I left, but nobody told me that personally. "

The lack of communication is a problem for Teodorcyk. "I made a lot of important goals for Anderlecht, I did not deserve such a treatment, I received several nice offers before the World Cup, but I was not allowed to leave, but later on they pushed me straight to the exit. I earn a lot less at Udinese, but that's not the most important thing. "

Apologies to Club fans

During his time at Anderlecht, Teodorczyk sometimes caused controversy. "That I was absent at the Golden Shoe was a result of bad communication. I was in Poland, when I heard it, it was already too late. And about the middle finger: I was provoked against Club Brugge. They were spitting and throwing beer, which of course was not written about it, but I reacted excessively and would like to apologize for it. "

A success is not yet his transfer to Udinese. Teodorczyk has been on the sidelines for three months now with a hernia. "At first Udinese treated me, but the pain continued, so I allowed myself to operate in Poland with a doctor I have known and trusted completely." Next week, Teodorczyk will return to Udine. When he is ready for play, it is not yet clear

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