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FRIDAY, 19 APRIL 2019, 11:09 - lajoya
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OTHER These are currently turbulent times for and at RSC Anderlecht. The club has turned to its supporters through its official site. To keep the message of the chairman and the sporting director truthful, we have taken over the full message. "Together we come out stronger... To get back where we belong: at the top."

Dear supporter,

The last weeks have not been easy. We understand the frustration of the supporters after the disappointing results. But as Michael Verschueren has stated, the club does not accept extreme expressions of dissatisfaction, as we saw them last Friday in Liège. They do not meet our basic value for behaving in a big way, always and in all circumstances, in the event of profit and loss.

Despite these recent setbacks, we are not standing still. On the contrary. We are working hard and with great enthusiasm on the resurrection of the club. And you, as a fan, play an important role in this.

We realize that not all decisions made in recent years have been successful. A new sporting cell has therefore been established, with Michael Verschueren, Frank Arnesen and Pär Zetterberg. This cell is currently working hard, but it needs time to get the club back on track. We thereby continue to focus on our own youth and invest more than ever in young talents.

We also make women's football a priority, focus on community operation and support charities to help those in need.

In addition, RSC Anderlecht is committed to a pure football world like no other. The new management has become a civil party in operation Clean Hands.

We do all this because we believe in it, but also because we know that these matters are important to you! Our relationship is a long-term relationships and we want to thank you for continuing to support the club in these difficult moments. Together we come out stronger.

You can count on the unbridled commitment of our chairman, the Board of Directors, the management of RSC Anderlecht and all employees to take the right steps so that we are back where we are: at the top.

With kind regards,

Michael Verschueren
Marc Coucke

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