Kindermans: "I am not worried about their talent"

FRIDAY, 19 APRIL 2019, 17:40 - lajoya
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OTHER Michaël Verschueren promised more youth in the starting eleven. They would certainly get more credit from the supporters. Jean Kindermans warns that not too much can be expected from the youth: "Don't expect that they will immediately defuse the crisis."

Kindermans would certainly not hesitate to put youth in the starting eleven, on the condition that they are surrounded by experienced players: "You cannot win with only young players. They are used to dealing with pressure, but you can not expect them to solve everything immediately. "

"I'm not worried about their talent," Kindermans continues, "Every youth player sometimes has a dip. But the way they deal with that dip also says a lot. Some start complaining and seeing, others look for the cause within themselves. Those who have chosen the final solution will now be rewarded. "

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