Anderlecht starts collaboration with Turnhout

TUESDAY, 14 MAY 2019, 21:52 - lajoya
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YOUTH Anderlecht and KFC Turhout are going to work together in the field of youth education. That is what the Antwerp club says. "At the end of last year, Anderlecht contacted us", so it sounds. "After careful consideration, we have decided with conviction to join this exceptional project."

According to Turnhout, of which the first team playes in the second amateur division, Anderlecht contacted them with the request to build a strategic and sustainable relationship in which the exchange of know-how and expertise is central.

In practice, it means that Anderlecht supports Turnhout through training of coaches and the organization of youth competitions and tournaments. Turnhout, for his part, will identify talents who will then have the opportunity to show themselves at Anderlecht during talent days or test days.

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