Conviction Kompany can also have consequences for taxes

TUESDAY, 15 OCTOBER 2019, 10:42 - lajoya
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OTHER Today, the License Committee of the Football Association makes a statement in the file concerning Vincent Kompany. It will almost certainly not come to a decrease of the license, but the judgment of the License Committee can have major consequences in financial terms.

If the License Committee judges that Kompany is the coach of Anderlecht, a fine of 5,000 euros may follow. No one will lie awake in Neerpede of that amount. The fiscal consequences can be worse. As a player, Kompany enjoys a lot of tax and social security benefits. A coach doesn't get that.

Even though Kompany has a player contract, if the Licensing Committee decides that he is a coach, the tax authorities can also go after him. Otherwise, every club could give its coach a player contract.

The tax authorities already informed Het Nieuwsblad that it will also look at the facts. Assuming that Kompany is half a player and half a coach and that he earns about 3.6 million euros a year (a bet based on the salary of Adrien Trebel and statements by Michael Verschueren), this would amount to 100,000 euros extra that Anderlecht have to pay every month to taxes and social security. Kompany himself would then earn 10,000 euros less on a monthly basis.

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