Fine of € 5,000 for dual role of Kompany

TUESDAY, 15 OCTOBER 2019, 17:32 - SJonas35
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The License Commission has been mild in terms of punishment for the dual role of Kompany as a player-manager. Anderlecht have to pay a small fine of € 5,000 since Kompany does not have the right lincense to actively coach the A-team.

The main conclusion of the licensing committee: Kompany is - in practice - the head coach of Anderlecht, although he does not actually have a diploma for that. There were two possible penalties: either a fine of € 5,000 or a cancellation of the Purple & White license, resulting in relegation to amateur football.

So it became the first option, which can be called a very mild punishment. On paper, Anderlecht can still appeal against the decision, but the chance that this will happen is small.

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