Najar trains individually: "It's going well"

WEDNESDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2019, 09:36 - lajoya
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INJURIES You might have forgotten him in the meantime, but he is still there and has started training individually: Andy Najar. The Honduran has been struggling with a new injury for several months, but seems to be slowly returning.

Najar posted a video clip on his Instagram Stories showing how he trains in the gym. In the film he chose the song "Estamos bien" from the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny and Najar let the lyrics run over the screen. The text means as much as' We are doing well. There is nothing wrong, we are fine '.

According to Voetbalkrant, Najar hopes to be fit by December. His contract will end this season so it seems appropriate that he starts playing. There is currently no contract extension waiting for him in Brussels.

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