Chipciu, Lutonda and El Kababri are back

MONDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2019, 09:41 - lajoya
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OTHER Does the arrival of Frank Vercauteren also mean a new opportunity for Alexandru Chipciu (photo)? The Romanian was on the game sheet for the first time this season. He didn't play yet. He stayed on the bench for 90 minutes against STVV.

Hotman El Kababri and Thierry Lutonda also reappeared. The two youngsters had play opportunities on the first matchday, but then fell out injured. The pair now benefited from the injury of Vincent Kompany, illness of Philippe Sandler and suspension of Derrick Luckassen to make it to the game sheet again.

Michel Vlap, Pieter Gerkens and Jeremy Doku did not make the game sheet. Vlap was sick the past few days and he struggled with a slight injury.

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